How to install Exelearning on Solus

Exelearning is an online content design tool developed by a Spanish team and available under free license in many languages. On numerous occasions this software has been the subject of articles in this blog.

This tool is perfect for posting training contents, documentation, e. g. technical manuals, etc. online. Despite all Exelearning is not really an editorial channel, it is rather web-based and training platform oriented.

Moreover, my training contents, some of which are online on the Datacargo. fr website, are made with this tool.

Rather than a long description, I refer you to this presentation video:

Exelearning is available for Windows, Macos and Linux, in installable or portable version (to be copied on a USB stick and used on a machine without root rights).

What about Solus? Another geek thing? Well in fact, no, Solus is a very efficient Linux distribution, and perfectly operational on a small laptop with a double heart. Compared to Ubuntu (17. n), the occupancy of the 4GB of RAM is simply half, i. e. 2GB on Ubuntu and 1GB on Solus… Interesting performance.

How to install Exelearning on Solus OS? Turning to this article…

First, download the portable version for Linux:

Next, unpack the archive:

tar xvf portable-intef-exe-2.1.3-linux. tar. gz

Copy the contents of the folder into /opt with root rights:

sudo cp -r portable-intef-exe-2.1.3-linux /opt

Then, all that remains is to add an entry in the menu, to do this I used Free Menu:

sudo eopkg install menulibre

For the app works, it is necessary to specify the working directory, the Exelearning icon is in the exelib folder.


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