[GetSimple] Automatic galleries in your pages

As a web site developer, I am fan of GetSimple CMS, free and improved software for building Site, Blogs, ePortfolio.

Sadly,  there might exist some issues between themes and plugins,  for instance 118n_gallery a popular plugin with no other choice to show clean gallery. If it fails, wrong way.

For this project I needed an easy way to make galleries, the real user isn’t a power one, with no code to write editing pages. Too bad, i18n_gallery doesn’t seem to be compatible with kickstart.js so I had to find a good idea to make it work.

To solve that problem and after a lot of tries, I have installed another great plugin ExtraGallery wich is a good one to manage backend galleries but without any code to show them on a page.

The purpose of this article is to show you how it’s possible to get an automatic gallery printed at the bottom of pages and using ExtraGallery.

Stage 1 : Download and install ExtraGallery and i18n_custom_field, it will be useful to pass gallery name from page to php code in template.

Stage 2 : Setups. Under Plugins page, setup a language code for ExtraGallery. Then configure Custom Code with a text variable, change LABEL to your native language :


Stage 3 : Copy the theme template and type this code under 

“; function output($item,$key){ GLOBAL $SITEURL;     //echo ”


“; //uncomment to get name of gallery echo ‘‘; echo ‘‘; echo ““;                      } ?>

Parts of this code is coming from a power user on this forum thread. It uses kickstart.js to show a clean gallery and call a Custom_Field function return_custom_field(‘name’) to get the name of the gallery to show. Html code is easy to custom, in this case, Kiskstart does a lot of work.

To get kickstart, you just have to download it and to add this code into the template header :

     media="all" />

Read more about Kickstart.js here

Stage 4 : Create the gallery using backend Extragallery

Stage 5 : Create or edit a page. Change the template to the one with the included code, and type the name of the gallery, obviously the one typed in ExtraGallery :


For further informations, read this tread.

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